As I opened the gate this morning (at around 7), I noticed a very odd sight. Checking left and right, there was nobody on the road as far as I could tell. Normally this road would be loaded with bicycles, motos, cars and trucks.

Was it  another holiday that I’d forgotten about? No.

Far down the concrete road, in the direction of school, I saw the reason. There was a large herd of cattle struggling to get between two cars that were parked on either side of the road. They had created a log jam.

As the beasts continued to lumber on by the cars, they started to fan out. In a matter of another half minute, they were scattered across the road and the floodgates opened. Motos blasted through first, with cars, and bicycles behind.

They were still a ways down the road, but closing fast. I took cover. Just another day in rurally urban Phnom Penh Tmei.