Made ya look!

Actually, I was inspired by the writing of one of my students to do that. It’s a prank. And pranks actually have some value.The assignment was to write a paragraph which included a main idea (to be placed in the last sentence) and three supporting details. This student NAILED it! Such a creative literary work. One of the best I’ve seen.


                If you are touching this paper, you should know that I found it in the trashcan with cockroaches crawling all over it. I’m just kidding! The reason why I said that was that is because that is what pranks do to you. It wakes you up when like when popcorn pops. I walked around half awake and my friends pulled a prank on me and it got my attention. I was like a turtle coming out of its shell. Prank pulling is an activity that uses people’s imagination.  If people are looking for ways to be creative, this should be their way. To me, this world is a harsh world and it would probably be more interesting this way. When I am bored, I always find ways to get myself entertained, but most of the time, I can only think of watching TV. I usually Google what to do, but then I think about pranks and it keeps me entertained. I just spent the whole day thinking of pranks without being bored. By the way, if you just finished reading this paragraph, then you are about to get punched. I’m still joking! Well, prank pulling is really enjoyable to me.