Death and taxes are sure things. That a funeral here will inconvenience you on many occasions, is just as sure.

My wife woke me at around midnight to say that something strange was going on across the street and that she was concerned. Especially so, because the occupants of that home were taking the contents of their dwelling and moving them across the street into the wide-open, normally-locked alley where our car hides.

They seemed to, literally, be doing spring cleaning in the middle of the night. What was going out appeared to be junk – except for the motorbikes. Very odd, indeed. I was tired. I went back to bed.

At around 5:00 am, I was awoken again and told to take a look across the street. Shuffling across the living room and rubbing my eyes, I looked out the window. What I saw caused me to rub my eyes again just to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. There was, hanging from wires that criss-cross the street, a 15-foot paper skeleton-like image. Either someone had died, or they had a funny idea about when Halloween should be celebrated.

As it turns out, an older woman that had lived there with the family had just died. I believe that the content-clearing operation that had taken place immediately after the death was some sort of a house-cleaning ritual. At any rate, we knew that things were going to be difficult for us when we returned from school tonight. And they were.

Our car is currently parked a block and a half away at the Robinette’s house where we will walk tomorrow morning when we get ready to go to school. There is no parking here. The cheaply recorded funeral music has been going all night and (as I speak) the monks are just beginning to kick into high-chanting gear.

Need a house-sitter for the weekend?