My wife woke up several mornings ago with a large reddish-purple spot on her shoulder. It appeared to be an insect bite, but of a type I had never seen before. She complained of not feeling well also, but she can get like that sometimes. When I described the bite to someone at school, they suspected it was a spider bite.

So I browsed the internet for images of spider bites until I saw one that seemed to resemble the one my wife had. The photo was associated with a spider known as the brown recluse. This is a HUGE spider and I quickly ruled it out as a culprit because I assumed such beasts only hung out in jungles or deserts. Plus I didn’t want to scare Thearey. Other bites from this spider that I saw showed hands with all the skin off down to the bone or holes in legs. Surely, this was not the one.

Fast forward to this morning. My wife was in the bedroom getting ready for church when she suddenly made some fearful noises. I went like a flash into the bedroom and she was pointing to a live picture of (what appeared to be) the brown recluse spider. It was hanging on her bath towel. It ended up there after she shook it out of her pants ( she has always been good about shaking out clothes before trying to put them on).

So there it was, in all of its surreal reality – right in front of us. From end to end it was about five inches across. Acting quickly, I grabbed the camera to make sure all the world could see this thing. Then I valiantly grabbed a Kleenex box and began the process of over-killing a bug. After I was sure that it was dead, I scooped it up and threw it away.

Maybe the ants will find it in the waste basket and tear it to pieces. Good old ants – gotta love ’em.