#10 The aircon feels great (‘cept for those in the back [but, of course, they are ALWAYS complaining about SOMETHING])

#9 You might actually learn something

#8 You could be picked to be the eraser maniac for the week (but don’t count on it)

#7 He’s really good at remembering names – matching the names with the faces is another matter

#6 You get to leave one minute early on fridays (when the clock is fast)

#5 The chains attaching you to the chairs are actually quite comfortable

#4 He promises to let you come back for another year if you require extra help!

#3 There are no other 6th grade classes to go to

#2 You will never need to do quantum theory as homework

#1 It’s better than being poked in the eyeball by a sharp stick

As this is being written, students are busy at home using their precious weekend hours formulating EVEN MORE reasons to stick around