I still use that word quite a bit. Habit I guess.

Maybe I’ve been thinking about it more because my math class just finished a chapter on probability. Or maybe because I see these “How lucky I am today” things floating across my FB news feeds. Whatever the reason, I felt the need to respond to the notion of being “lucky”.

Luck is actually, by definition, neither a positive or a negative thing. That’s why we sometimes say “good luck” and other times, “bad luck”. People might just say “lucky” by itself and others will understand, by the context, that they mean “good luck”.

I heard an excerpt from a sermon by Ravi Zacharias today in which he spoke about a Vietnamese friend of his who he had not seen since the war. The two of them had done a lot of evangelizing in Vietnam before the Americans withdrew and the North took over. The friend was arrested and spent years in a prison camp – the communists tried to brainwash him. They refused to let him read any English and forced him to read only communist doctrine in the Vietnamese language.

At one point, this young persecuted man came to a point of wondering if God was really there anymore. In desperation, he made up his mind to not pray any longer. He was doubting that God was with him any more. As “bad” luck would have it, the friend was forced to work in the latrines (crap heaps) the next day, which made things even more miserable. Hear the rest of the story at this link (at 05:50 in the clip).

To sum things up, the man discovered pages of scripture written in English in that latrine every day, which he was able to wash off and read secretly. This “bad luck” was the very thing that brought him back to God immediately after he had made up his mind to walk away.

My life as a Christian has been marked by “chance” meetings with people that God used for His purposes (had another one a few days ago). In some cases, situations leading up to those chance meetings I thought were “unlucky”. I have come to the realization that God is in control. All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes.

I pray that we would all come to this same realization (and stick with it). It’s the thing that can take a “boring” Christian life and transform it into a POWERFUL faith-building experience.